1. Can I choose the person or healthcare provider who will come and take the sample?

    As a new mobile service for taking blood samples, Pickendoheem relies on the whole healthcare network in Luxembourg. We give priority to providing a high-quality medical service throughout Luxembourg. It is thus not possible for you to choose the person or provider who will come and take your sample.

  2. Are there any tests that can not be done at home?

    Tests like the following need medical surveillance, and as such cannot be done at home: HGPO, O’Sullivan test, Lactose test...
    Also, some tests can not be done at home for technical reasons: Ammoniac, Cryoglobuline
    Those tests can be done by visiting one of our partner's blood withdrawal centers

  3. May I make an appointment for my child or a close relative?

    As the leading mobile blood sample-taking service in Luxembourg, Picken Doheem lets you make appointments both for yourself and for close relatives.

  4. How can I get my results ?

    The easiest and quickest way to get your results is to download the free app myLAB (available on the App Store or Google Play) or on (go to)  mylab.bionext.lu

  5. Which lab carries out my tests?

    The Picken Doheem partner lab is BioneXt Lab. Located in Leudelange, BioneXt Lab relies on experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment to offer a whole range of tests, whether routine or specialised.

  6. Do I need to have an empty stomach when a blood sample is taken?

    An empty stomach, i.e. not having eaten or drunk anything apart from water or black coffee without sugar or milk within the last 8-12 hours) is not mandatory for all tests. It is however necessary for the following tests:

    • Blood glucose, 
    • Cholesterol, LDL, HDL
    • Triglycerides
    • Apolipoproteins A and Apolipoproteins B
    • Helikit (search for helicobacter pylori) *

    * For this test, it is imperative that you come to the lab without having eaten or drunk anything or smoked for the last 12 hours.

  7. Which documents do I need to show to have the test costs taken over by my medical insurance?

    You will need the prescription from your doctor and your CNS card (if you are a member).
    For certain tests, you will need further documents:                      

    • Genetic tests: proof of consultation and consent
    • Trisomy HT21 for a pregnant woman: consent form filled out by the doctor and the patient as well as the latest ultrasound report.
  8. Are same-day appointment cancellations allowed?

    Appointments may be cancelled online up to the 18:00 on the previous day. Same-day cancellations must be done by phone.

  9. Can I take the online appointment on the same day?

    For organization purposes, an appointment on the same day is unfortunately not possible. Please reach out to 27-321 to obtain an appointment.